Thursday, August 14, 2014

Chromebox and Chromebase - definite contenders for desktop replacements


I'm currently testing out the LG Chromebase and Asus Chromebox for potential use in our district (and for me at home). So far, I'm very impressed. They setup and work like a Chromebook, have very fast performance but offer the experience of a desktop with large screens and full keyboards and mice. The specs are in the links below.

I'm thinking about the Asus Chromebox as a desktop replacement for student desktops. They already have newer flat screen monitors and keyboards and mice, but older desktops. It's just a matter of swapping out the "box". Since we have over 11,000 Chromebooks being used, this makes sense. It would take a lot of load off of my techs, and provide a great experience for users. 

The libraries, a few computer labs, and desktops in the lower grade classes are the target. 

The Chromebase is a all-in-one monitor/cpu that comes with a keyboard laid out like the Chromebook with the special keys, and a mouse. The Chromebox is just the box, with a mounting bracket. It also has a notebook lock slot to help prevent "walking".

I'm using both as my main computer and it's great - performance and experience of a desktop, with the speed and ease of a Chromebook.

 LG Chromebase:

Asus Chromebox:

Google for Education Resources


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