Friday, December 5, 2014

Centrallo launches Productivity App - has some great features

Centrallo recently launched the new version of their Productivity App, a free web, iOS and Android app that helps you stay organized and productive.

The update includes iOS and Android widgets, list sharing, location based reminders and Google drive, One Drive and Dropbox integration.

Centrallo has some different features than other productivity apps. You can create lists within lists and inside store links, photos, video,voice notes, important dates, contacts, Dropbox links and more.
Priorities are brought front and center so you don't loose track of them and it now has location based reminders, similar to Google Now.

Features include:

  • Simple note creation
  • Drag and drop list creation
  • Unlimited hierarchical lists (lists within lists)
  • List sharing at any hierarchical level
  • Photo, video, voice, calendar, PDF and Office attachments
  • Prioritization of notes and lists
  • Password protection
  • Location-based reminders
  • iOS and Android widgets for quickly adding from external sources
  • Twitter, Facebook, email and SMS list push
  • Fast search for active, archived and deleted content
  • Email and link forwarding to private Inbox
  • Self-publishing to private web link, Twitter, Facebook, Email and SMS
  • Cross platform instant synchronization

Take a look and see if it is something you could use - teachers and students can always use something to stay organized and productive. It's free.


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