Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Examples of using Evernote as: teacher, student, admin

Evernote, my main resource, is a very useful app. Many people want to learn to use it, but aren't sure where to start. So, here are some resources and examples of how to use it.

Evernote allows you to create notebooks, notes, stacks of notebooks, attach any kind of file to a note, link notes to each other, create lists and more. It is a very powerful tool and lets you really organize things. For example, in one note, you may have a person's name as someone that is a resource. Their name can actually be a link to their contact note (which can be manually created, a scan of their business card, and even connected to their LinkedIn profile).

Evernote for Education Resources - links, tips, articles, how-to's, best practices, and more

Example setup of Evernote as a teacher:

Notebooks and stacks for Curriculum Units
The main notebook for the Unit Plan has note links to each lesson plan note
Other notebooks have lesson plans for each part of unit and are linked back into the United plan.
Each notebook for a lesson plan has the lesson plan, links, file attachments and even links to other notes in Evernote.  This means all of your resources for a class are in one place.
Notebooks for each classroom to collect and share resources with students
Meeting notes
Parent contact logs
Reference materials
Teacher evaluation resources
To Do List
Lesson Schedule - weekly schedule of what is being done in each class, with a note link to the lesson plan note in Evernote.

Example setup of Evernote as a student:
Notebooks for each class, with notes like written notes
to do list

Example setup of Evernote as a Administrator:
To Do list
Teacher Evaluation Resources and notes
Meeting notes
Parent contact log
discipline logs
project planning
research materials

I also use it as a consultant and for my private life and have notebooks like these:

Blog post ideas and links
Blog notes
Blog awards and shares

Clients - contacts, notes, contact logs, project lists,
Project Management - task lists, schedules, project notes, meeting notes, vendor and client information, attachments, resources

Task List
Travel - packing lists, schedules, tickets
Financial Records
Digitized versions of important paperwork
Baby reference
Digital Baby Book
To Get, Wish Lists
Property Lists (what is at home - for insurance purposes)
Fun stuff to do
References and Resources


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