Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Illustrate - Word Quiz - free English quiz app on iOS and Android

Illustrate - Word Quiz is a free English quiz app available on iOS and Android. It uses illustrations and videos for each question to help students understand, retain, and stay focuses. It is a fun way to learn English and is useful for ESL and EFL programs.

illustrate - Word Quiz - screenshotillustrate - Word Quiz - screenshotillustrate - Word Quiz - screenshot

There are multiple topics and levels for a variety of student levels and the topic list is constantly updated. The more you play, the more topics that become unlocked to access.


* illustrations and videos for all questions
* Fun and interesting topics
* Increasing levels of difficulty
* Unlock brand new topics based on your performance
* View your performance and track rankings

It's free, easy to use, and fun. I had a blast playing with it. 

It's free and available on iOS App Store and Google Play:

iOS App Store:
Google Play Store:


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