Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Google App and Chromebooks Resources - learn how to better use them

Become a Chrome Ninja!
The Ninja Program is a free program for students and educators to learn how to use Google Apps for Education in a fun and social way. Study, take tests, earn badges, and become a Ninja Master. 
Encourage your students to do this and they can be your Google tech support in class.

Chromebooks work even when offline:
Enable offline use of Drive/Docs:
Example of backup plan for when network is down: have students write a paper or create a presentation. It will sync to their account when the Chromebook gets a network connection.
Chromebooks beyond the cloud: Everything Chromebooks can do offline: 

This one has some great tutorials on it: 

Online Safety resources:
How not to get tricked: Your favorite online safety tips

My Google Tools Tutorial Videos in One Playlist (great resource!)

Why a Chromebook? Online tools for these common tasks.



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