Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Google+ Resources for Educators

Using Google+ as an online study resource: use to create online study groups. Students can create private communities in which they share resources, have discussions, and they can host Hangouts in which they talk see each other as well as share whiteboard space, share documents, and share presentations.

Connect, learn, and share more about Google Apps for Education
Google Education on Air
You have the best seat in the house to learn with educators around the world. Connect with them on the web for free using Google+ Hangouts On Air

Google Apps for Educators-Instructional Approaches  (I'd just pick ones that sound interesting or most useful for you and your students first)

Get on Google+, Google's social network, and explore some great educator resources and groups: 
Use this to connect with your students online, for true collaboration and anywhere/anytime learning. 
How Educators and Schools Can Make the Most of Google Hangouts
Google Apps for Education Community
Chromebooks in Education Community 
Google Apps in Education Community 



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