Tuesday, February 3, 2015

ExamTime - free online learning tools

ExamTime is a free set of learning tools that allow students to generate their own learning resources. Students can create, discover and share mind maps, quizzes, notes, flashcards and more online with others. There is also an calendar to plan and get organized and they can monitor their progress over time using their own learning resources.

The notes feature is really nice, allowing text and images and making it easy for students to take notes. The collaborative features also encourage students to work and study with others, helping them learn. The quizzes are a great way to study. The student creates the quiz and then can take it for review. The quizzes self grade based on the input from the user.

Teachers and students can share resources and tools with each other to help each other learn.

You can sign up for a free account with Facebook, Google or your name and email.

You can also create groups to share and discuss resources and topics. It's very easy to use and available on any web enabled device.



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