Friday, February 27, 2015

Google Science Fair 2015 is now open - How will you change the world?

The Google Science Fair for 2015 is now open. This is a great competition for students from around the world to showcase their talents and creativity. It is open to students ages 13-18 years old.

This year's theme is "It's Your Turn to Change the World".

The site has some excellent resources for students and teachers, including lesson plans, ideas and tips and help. The Idea Springboard helps students come with ideas for their projects by asking them to complete the phrases "I love," "I'm good at," and "I want to explore." The site then generates a collection of resources, including videos and websites, to help the student come up with some project ideas.

This is a great way to get student excited about science and things that they are already interested in and there are some excellent prizes, including scholarships. Submission deadline is May 19, 2015.


STEM Resources for Educators



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