Friday, February 27, 2015

Thinklink for Education - create interactive images

Thinklink is an online, free, app that allows you to create interactive images. It works on all modern browsers, iOS, and Android. You can upload photos and images, create image collages, and more and then add tags with information and links.

You do have to sign up for the free education account, as either a student or teacher, and it allows logins by Google, Facebook, Twitter or email.

It's pretty easy to use and can allow students to demonstrate learning with some fun, creative projects.

Thinklink also has a contest, called Creative Challenges, where you create interactive images based on the theme and you can win Amazon gift cards. The current challenge is Technology and Engineering, and runs until March 10th.

Join us in creating and curating the best STEAM related images focusing on Technology and Engineering. Tap into your creativity and explore the endless possibilities. Be sure to add an icon with your name and links to your social media contact informtion to credit yourself as the source of your ThingLink. *As a bouus we encourage you include arts integration in an effort to support STEAM (Science | Technology | Engineering | Arts | Math)

Here is an excellent blog post about using ThinkLink in the classroom:

Use ThingLink to Power STEM or STEAM Projects

It has examples, tutorials and much more. 



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