Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Easy Grade - scoring and grading app for teachers

Easy Grade is a free app for teachers that makes it easy to grade student work (vs using the cardboard EZ Grader). It is easy to use and even lets you grade with 1/2 points. 

Here are some features:
  • you can adjust how many questions are on the test with a quick tap
  • you can choose whether you want to calculate grades on the number of questions/problems your student got incorrect or the number they got correct
  • you can increase or decrease the text size to fit more or less on the screen.
Easy Grade helps you calculate grades more easily and efficiently. Check it out in the App Store, Google Play or at

Easy Grade: Half Pts EZ Grader - screenshot thumbnailEasy Grade: Half Pts EZ Grader - screenshot thumbnail

Disclaimer: Easy Grade is a paid advertiser 



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