Monday, March 2, 2015

Free Online PDF to Word Converter

PDFs are one of the most popular document formats, mainly because you can view them easily on any device. However, sometimes you need to convert one to a Word document to edit it. There are a lot of different PDF tools out there. Here is another.

Scanned PDF to Word is a free online tool for converting PDF documents to Word (.docx).

- There are no restrictions. Files of all sizes can be sent for conversion an unlimited number of times.
- Absolutely all pages in the document are converted.
- Both scanned and standard PDF files are supported.
- Even complex PDF files with forms, tables, images, non-standard layouts etc. are converted accurately.
- Everything is free – the only price is viewing a couple of ads and nothing more.
It's very easy to use. Select your PDF file to convert, enter your email address, and click "start". When it's done you'll get an email.

Here are some More Resources for working with PDF Files  (lots here, plus more listed below)

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Lots of PDF resources - print, markup, convert and more

PDFBinder - simple tool to merge PDF documents into one

BabyPDF - Edit PDF documents for free

Crocodoc - markup PDF files for free

Fill Any PDF form - fill out, sign and send forms

I Love PDF - merge or split PDF files



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