Thursday, March 26, 2015

Google Keep note taking app gets labels for easier organizing and recurring reminders

Google Keep

Google Keep, Google's easy to use note taking app, is a great resource for students and teachers. It just received a new feature that helps with organizing your notes, labels, and recurring reminders.

This makes organizing your notes/tasks/reminders easier. You can add as many labels as you like to a note to track it by tasks, project, category, etc. Along with color coding, you can really organize your notes better.

You can also now set recurring reminders. Reminders can be set by location (great for reminding you to do something when you get to a certain place, if you don't know what time you will get there) and by day/time. You can also set recurring reminders as daily, weekly, monthly or yearly or even create your own interval.

Keep also has the ability to share notes, create tasks lists, and even audio notes.

I use Evernote for most things, but also use Keep for quick notes on the go and for shopping lists, along with voice notes, and then I can share the notes to other apps, or just access them as needed. It's quicker than Evernote, but has less features. It is useful for students and teachers.



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