Monday, March 23, 2015

Using Vernier Data Tools on a Chromebook

Determining grip strength with the Hand Dynamometer, Go!Link, and Graphical Analysis for Chrome

Chromebooks are very powerful, and very useful, devices. You can even use them with Vernier Data Tools.

Vernier is a huge name in data collection tools for science and math and they have been working to support Chromebooks for some time.  Earlier this year they released their Graphical Analysis tool for Chromebooks (free) and they have continued to make their products work with Chromebooks.

There are two different ways you can use their tools with Chromebooks. One is using a USB connector and the other is wireless. For the USB connection for the sensors, you need the USB connector and the Graphical Analysis Software. For the Wireless connection, you need the Labquest device and the software. Many schools already have the Labquest devices anyway.

  1. Students begin their experiment by connecting sensors to their Chromebook USB port.
  2. Using Graphical Analysis for Chrome, students set experiment parameters and start data collection.
  3. Real-time sensor data is shown as a graph, a meter, or a table for different learning styles.
  4. Students can annotate their graph, perform curve fits, run calculations, and more.
  5. Students can easily create and send a finished lab report to their instructor, save their work to Google Drive™, or export data to Plotly™ for further study.
  1. Students in a lab group set up an experiment with Vernier sensors and LabQuest 2.
  2. Each student launches Graphical Analysis for Chrome on a Chromebook and connect to LabQuest 2.
  3. After starting data collection, experiment data are wirelessly streamed from LabQuest 2 to each Chromebook.
  4. Every lab group member analyzes data on a Chromebook in class or at home.

Vernier devices and sensors are used by high school and college courses around the world and it's nice to see that Chromebooks are supported.


What can you do on a Chromebook? Pretty much everything.


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