Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Examtime online learning tools are now GoConqr

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I wrote about Examtime and their free, online learning tools back in February. It is a free set of learning tools that allow students to generate their own learning resources. Students can create, discover and share mind maps, quizzes, notes, flashcards and more online with others. There is also an calendar to plan and get organized and they can monitor their progress over time using their own learning resources.

They have changed their name and expanded their product. They are now GoConqr.

ExamTime is now GoConqr. They've changed the name and given it a fresh look to better reflect what the learning platform is all about. It’s still the same team behind GoConqr, the same great tools and features.

Over 1 million students and teachers from around the globe have signed up for better learning with GoConqr. The  community is increasing rapidly by the day, with thousands of learning resources being created and discovered daily. To celebrate this milestone, they have given users on the basic accounts more free subjects.

They have also announced that GoConqr is now available as an iOS or Android app. View, discover and share great learning resources on the go.

Take a look and check out GoConqr (GoConqr is derived from the words ‘Go’ and ‘Conquer’ which are related to growth, self-improvement and success.)



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