Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Benefits of Google Apps and Chromebooks for Schools

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Benefits of Google Apps and Chromebooks
Updated version of this as a Google Doc: https://goo.gl/zbcAA2 

How does Google Apps and Chromebooks compare to Apple or Microsoft inside the classroom?
  • Google Apps and Chromebooks are extremely easy to use. Students and teachers can access thousands of web apps and extensions, most free, as well as everything on the internet.  
  • Schools using Chromebooks have great experiences with limited issues or concerns.
  • Unlimited file storage on Google Drive (any type of file)
  • plenty of resources to help teachers use them to improve teaching and learning
  • can use Office Editing (free app) in Docs, Sheets and Slides to edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
  • can use Office 365 or any web based software
  • can be used as the only device, or in a mixed device environment
  • huge community of users that share and support each other (over 50 Millions users of GAFE!!)
  • Google Classroom is a game-changer…it allows teachers to share resources and communicate with students, distribute, collect and grade assignments, and so much more.  Google Classroom resources for Educators

Resources for Teachers:

How do they manage a Chrome device versus an Apple or Microsoft device from an admin perspective?  
  • Chromebooks are extremely easy to manage, whether managing 30 or 30,000
  • Management is done through web based admin console from anywhere, on any device
  • do not have to physically touch the devices once they are enrolled
  • settings, apps, etc are all pushed out almost instantly
  • over 170 settings can be managed
  • manage users, networks, devices, apps, and much more
  • import users from a variety of systems into Google Apps easily
  • easiest devices to manage
  • no re-imaging,
  • easily shared in as a multi-user shared device

Technical Resources:

What is the ROI and price?  
  • huge ROI and low prices
  • GAFE is free
  • most web apps are free (even when the iPad app had a fee)
  • easy to use so they get used all the time in class (and <7 second start up)
    • Example - 1000 students - 3 year total cost of ownership
    • Windows PC $6,213,000
    • Chromebooks $1,071,000 - savings of $5,141,000 !!! (that is 82 % less)
    • Mac and Apple are  similar to or even higher costs than Windows (higher hardware costs, more labor to deploy and manage, software costs)
  • Example:
  • iPad: $399 + $99 Apple Care + $99 keyboard + $49 case = $646
  • Chromebook: $299 + $30 license  = $329 – half the price of an iPad
    • A Chromebook ($329) and a Nexus 7 tablet ($199 + $30 license + $30 case = $259 ) (Total $588) can both be purchased for less than the price of just one iPad
  • Chrome web apps are 95% free
  • iPad apps, while there are free ones, are more fee based and license is non-transferable
  • Windows devices have higher up-front cost, are harder to manage, require more IT support, Antivirus and more.
  • Most users are using web-based apps anyway, or there is a web based version available

* Easy to use, inexpensive, easy to manage, great training and PD resources, you can do anything on them. *


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