Monday, September 17, 2018

Guest Post: The Best Tech for Your Back-to-School Shopping List

The Best Tech for Your Back-to-School Shopping List

It’s back-to-school time, and for many of you that means it’s time to refresh your gear. Whether you’re buying for yourself or your children, there are plenty of deals on tech out there for students. Check out these useful gadgets to help your semester go as smoothly as possible.

1. MacBook Air
The MacBook Air remains one of the most popular Apple laptops. The lightweight, slim design makes it perfect for slipping into a backpack, and the keyboard and trackpad are comfortable and responsive, so you can use it for long study sessions with no problem. Throw in the relatively low price (starting at $999) and Apple’s education deals, like a free pair of Beats headphones, and this laptop makes a ton of sense for both students and their parents looking to get a long-lasting computer for a good price.

As a side note, don’t forget to make sure your internet connection is fast enough to keep up with schoolwork demands and match your shiny new computer. You can check your download and upload speeds with a free online tool to make sure everything is working the way it’s supposed to.

2. Vulcan Classic Backpack
The Vulcan Classic is the perfect bag for high school students that need to stay connected. This sturdy backpack can take a beating and keep on ticking, and it can also help your phone keep ticking too, thanks to a built-in USB charging port. You do have to supply your own power bank, but the built-in port allows you to keep the battery tucked away in the bag while you charge. Just plug your device in and you’re good to go. It comes in several colors, and at less than $50, the price is right too.

3. Rocketbook Everlast
If you’re used to handwriting your notes and don’t want to mess with Apple Pencils and iPads, you can try the Rocketbook. This unique notebook lets you handwrite your notes on actual paper with an actual pen. You can then scan them, upload them to various cloud storage services, and wipe the pages clean to start fresh. It works surprisingly well and offers a great bridge between analog and digital.

4. ViewSonic PA503S Projector
If you’re looking for a projector for your classroom on a budget, look no further than the ViewSonic PA503S. Having the right tech in your classroom is becoming a must, and a projector can help you share useful media with your students, like videos, websites, and apps. The ViewSonic boasts a commendable brightness and contrast for its price range ($299.99), and while it doesn’t support 1080p resolution, it will work fine for most classroom media needs.

Whether it’s freshman year and you’ve got nothing or you’re looking to outfit your classroom with useful tech that won’t break the budget, these gadgets can help start your next semester off on the right foot.



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