Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Coda - free online doc system that you can build apps with


Coda, a low-code platform for building and automating business processes has a CEO who is very passionate about effective meetings. He has run meetings at various companies including Microsoft and YouTube. His team recently created templates for running better meetings based on the CEO's ideas. You can find them here https://coda.io/for/meetings.

Coda is a new doc. It's kinda like Google docs meets Excel except you can build apps with it. With building blocks like tables and buttons, anyone can create a doc as powerful as an app.

It is also something that is very useful for educational administrators, educators and students. They can all use it to create their own projects or use some of the pre-made Educational Templates. You can sign in with a Google account and save all of your projects to Google Drive. There are also iOS and Android apps for it. And, it's free to use. 

Meetings are notorious for being time wasters and non-functional. However, with the proper planning, preparation and execution, meetings can be effective and efficient.

The templates that they built on the site are meant to help managers keep track of 1:1s, getting feedback from their teams before meetings starts, and to better manage remote team members. They could be altered to fit an educational scenario as well. Here are some examples from our template gallery:

  • One of our most popular templates is this one which shows how Uber manages internal product development
  • As Game of Thrones winded down, this template shows a fun use case of organizing a "death pool" with your friends.

Coda is an platform that can be used to manage more efficiently and effectively. 
Meeting Organization with Evernote



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