Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Squid Notes - Take digital handwritten notes for class, work, or fun! Markup PDFs, sign documents, & more

Squid is an inking app that works on Android (and Chromebooks as an Android app) and allows you to take handwritten notes, create drawings, markup PDF files and more. 

You can create beautiful notes at any zoom level and on any compatible device, erase entire letters and words quickly with the stroke eraser, move, resize, copy/paste and change color and thickness of strokes at any time.

There are a variety of "paper" styles as well, including lined, Cornell Notes and Graph Paper.

New note | Various paper backgrounds

Great for math and science classes.

Math Study Notes

You can also mark up PDF documents, add notes, grade student work, combine PDF pages, import, crop and resize images, and more. 

Copy, paste, resize, and markup images

In addition, you can easily share and present your notes. Export notes to PDF, PNG or JPEG, create a virtual whiteboard and present and write directly on your slides. 

Present notes via Google Cast (Chromecast), Miracast, or HDMIPresent notes on the big screen

They have a site dedicated to using Squid in the Classroom with tips, resources and use cases. https://www.squidnotes.com/edu

Squid recently published a series of how-to videos about Squid and have a product overview video and a case study with a 6th-grade math teacher.

They do not currently have a way to backup notes automatically to Google Drive (but are working on it), however, you can create manual backups to Drive: http://feedback.squidnotes.com/knowledgebase/articles/1185616.

G Suite for Education does not currently support payments for Android apps, so they have released the Squid EDU Bulk License for the Academic Year. When this license app is installed alongside Squid, the premium features will be unlocked for the academic year. For more details, please see this FAQ article.

The cost of the EDU license fro 2019-2020 is $4/user with a minimum purchase of $100 for the academic year.

Check it out: http://squidnotes.com and https://www.squidnotes.com/edu 

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