Thursday, January 9, 2020

Etude - advanced document reader that helps students comprehend what they are reading

Etude is an advanced document reader, the first of its kind that incorporates the use of artificial intelligence into textual analysis. Several public school districts and hundreds of students have already begun using the product, which has been proven to significantly improve the efficiency and comprehension of students reading large blocks of text. 

Etrude is designed to improve the user's efficiency and comprehension in textual analysis through the use of artificial intelligence. It has been shown to improve the academic performance of students significantly, reducing reading time by 33% while increasing performance by a letter grade. 

It does this through the use of two tools: a smart summarizer and a smart search. The smart summarizer takes a large section of text and highlights the key information within the document itself, skipping the hassle of fully analyzing the entirety of the document. The smart search acts as almost a Google-search for a document; it allows the user to ask a specific question and see where in the document the question is answered, avoiding the trouble of scouring for a specific sentence.

The website is; on the website, you can find a video going more in-depth about how it works. 

Check it out. 



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