Friday, April 24, 2020

Game developer launches free mental wellness app for kids during COVID-19

Kuato Studios,
the industry leading children’s educational gaming developer, has officially launched their brand new app Well-Beings, a wellness app for kids created to encourage them to be present and mindful of how they are feeling, which is now more important than ever during the times of COVID-19.

Thoughtfully designed as a free resource for kids that are currently faced with the mental effects of the global pandemic, the app will feature:
  • An interactive call to action for children to determine how they are feeling during that time. The options of feelings vary from happy, sad, creative, active, curious and worried. Depending on how the child is feeling, they will be suggested a different task to do.
  • Over 100 mood-boosting and motivational tasks ranging from fun physical activities, crafty creative activities, artwork and enchanting music to help children relax and become more mindful
  • Each task will have no time limits so the children can do them at their own pace, without the feeling of racing against a clock.
  • At the end of each task, kids will unlock a “well-being”. The more tasks completed, the larger their collection of well-beings will become.

Well-Beings is now available for download on all iOS and Android devices. 



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