Tuesday, April 21, 2020

SplashLearn - a game based learning program free for teachers and schools to use

SplashLearn is a game based learning program that is loved by over 33 million kids worldwide!! This program is free for teachers and schools to use. 

SplashLearn stands with schools/districts affected with closure due to COVID-19 (Corona Virus) outbreak: All educators have free access to SplashLearn with Home Access to enable remote learning.

It’s fun to learn to play the piano, Why can’t it be fun to learn Math?

With above as the primary vision, SplashLearn offers a premier learning program that is transforming the way children learn through highly engaging, visually appealing and interactive games.

SplashLearn is a game-based learning program that intelligently adapts to each child’s skill level and helps them master grade-appropriate skills for Math and Reading at their own pace. SplashLearn is curriculum-aligned and covers Pre-kindergarten through Grade 5 for math, and elementary reading for kids from 3 to 8 years.

For the child, the program itself is simple and easy to navigate and needs minimum parental supervision. This will bring comfort and relief to parents who are already burdened with work from home along with caring for their families.

In November last year, SplashLearn made its Math learning program free for teachers and schools for use. The teachers can sign in for free and get access to its full content library of 400+ math skills. The teachers can create an account for their class and assign work that can be accessed by students for practice at home. This keeps the teacher-student connect and facilitates step by step learning for the child, thus bringing in the efficiency of ‘structured learning’ and ensuring that learning does not stop.

Earlier this year, SplashLearn announced the release of its program for Android Devices. With availability on Android, one of the most popular smartphone operating systems in the world with over 86.6% share, SplashLearn will be able to reach out to a larger audience and make its learning program available to them.

More information available at www.splashlearn.com



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