Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Free guide to STEM resources on the web

STEM careers are highly lucrative and in-demand - yet females and minority students are drastically underrepresented in the historically male-dominated field of STEM.

To support this underrepresented group, Gosciencegirls.com are providing access to supplemental resources.

Gosciencegirls.com have recently published an “Ultimate STEM guide” – that covers almost all the resources available on the web for STEM education. Here is the link: https://gosciencegirls.com/ultimate-stem-resources-bank-for-k12-students/

These resources will help lay a strong knowledge foundation for young learners and prepare them for yet to come academic accomplishments.

Begin exploring various informative websites and resource links that motivate young learners towards a successful adult life with a better future.

More STEM Resources here


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