About the author and blog

About David Andrade

(contact: daveandcori at gmail dot com)
(everything on this blog is my own opinion and does not represent that of my employers or any organization I am a member of)

In addition to writing this blog, I am an experienced educator and administrator. I have been in education for 12 years, working as as a Physics/Aerospace Teacher, Educational Technology Specialist, and IT Administrator in Connecticut.

I am now a K-12 Strategy and Google Apps/Chromebooks Specialist for CDW-G, working with schools to leverage technology to improve teaching and learning.

I was an Engineer (Aerospace and Project) for 1o years before becoming an educator and I use that experience and knowledge to encourage my students in STEM topics and careers. I'm was also a paramedic and EMS instructor for 22 years.

About "Educational Technology Guy"

In this blog, I talk about educational technology, educational theory, educational pedagogy, and other topics related to these. I'll also discuss science resources, 21st Century Skills and Education, Google Apps and Chromebooks, Evernote and more. I explore free educational technology resources, ways to integrate technology into the classroom, professional development, project based learning, and tips and resources for new teachers.

I started this blog as a way to organize and share resources I've found with other educators and it is a very rewarding experience. 

My Educational Philosophy

I believe that learning should be fun, relevant to the student, and student centered. I am a proponent of project based learning and inquiry labs in science (and all classes). I want my students to see real world connections to what they are learning and see how it applies to their lives. I believe that students should have multiple ways of learning and multiple ways of showing their understanding of a concept. I believe that creativity is an asset in academics. I believe that students should be treated fairly and respectfully and that they all have talents that should be developed. I believe that education works best in a collaborative, respectful atmosphere.


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