Friday, April 8, 2011

Zooburst - create your own 3D pop up book online

Zooburst is a site a learned about at TechForum NY last October. It lets you create a 3D pop-up book to tell a story.

It is easy to use, free (with limitations - there are paid versions also), and fun.

Students can use this to tell a story, and be creative and imaginative. The 3D pop-up really brings a story to life and makes it much more fun. You can rotate around the book in 3D space, add your voice to the characters to have them speak, and even use a webcam to add yourself into the story in augmented reality. Very cool!

There is a gallery of stories, so you can search and get some ideas. You can upload your own graphics and images or use some of the 10,000 free images and materials they have on the site. You can share the book by sharing the URL or you can even embed it in a site.

This is a great way to get students creating stories while having fun and being engaged. It can really bring out their creativity. Students can even use it to show their mastery of a topic by creating a tutorial book on that topic.

Here's an example of one on the Pythagorean Theorem.


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