Friday, January 27, 2012

Visualy - create, share, and browse infographics - Infographics & Data Visualizations

Visually is a free service that allows users to create, share, and browse infographics and visualizations. Infographics can be used to share stories, visualize data, and explore and explain things. Visually has a huge collection of some of the best ones available, giving educators and students a great place to find some great resources.

Visually is also creating a tool to easily and quickly create your own infographics. You can sign up for more info  at their site.

A search for "education" returned hundreds of infographics. One I found interesting was "Anatomy of a Doctor", which described the characteristics of doctors, education required, stress, etc.

I think having students analyze and comment on, or even create infographics, is a great project.


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