Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Today is Safer Internet Day! promote safer and more responsible use of online technology

Today, Tuesday, February 7th, is Safer Internet Day! It was organized in Europe as a way to promote safer internet practices and use, especially by children.

This is a great opportunity for all educators to talk to their students about being safe online and what to be wary of when on the web. The site has some great videos and resources to help teach about online safety.

Check out the Safer Internet Day site for resources to help you: http://www.saferinternetday.org/ 

Also, check out these resources below:

Internet Safety Resources - help students stay safe online

Discovery Education Web 20.11 - great internet safety resources.

Google Good to Know - online safety and data info

Google Family Safety Center - help promote safety online.

Web safety resource

Google Plus now open to Teens, with safety features

PBS Teachers - Excellent Resources for Educators - has resources on internet safety

10 Tech Skills Every Student Should Have

Top 10 Resources from Discovery Education - all free - internet safety lessons too


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