Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We Solve for X - interesting site coming - solve world problems collaboratively

I just learned about this site yesterday from Phil (@brokenairplane) on Twitter. The site isn't live yet, but looks interesting.

Solve For X is a site that will be open soon and will allow people to come together and discuss ideas for solving globing problems. It will be a "forum to encourage and amplify technology based thinking and teamwork." It is run by Google and is being described as a way to hold "TED-like" talks online about solving problems, transforming education, working on global issues, and more.

Sounds like this could be a very interesting site for everyone, including teachers. Students could work on some of the problems as class projects, or even look at what people are posing as solutions and then analyze that idea.

Sign up on the site to be notified when it goes live. http://www.wesolveforx.com/

You can read more about the initial conversation, and participate on Google+, here at the Official Google Blog:


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