Wednesday, April 25, 2012

CX - file sync, share and backup service with 10GB free account

CX is a  file sync, share and backup service, similar to Dropbox or Sugarsync that I have reviewed before, but I've been using it more lately and really like how it works.

CX allows you to backup your files, sync them across multiple devices, share your files and collaborate on them with others, and even discover new ideas and friends.

A free account starts off at 10GB of storage, which is more that the other services offer. Like the other services, you can earn more storage for referring others to sign up (to a maximum of 16GB). There are also paid plans with more storage (50GB, 100GB and custom amounts).

It is currently available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android so you can access your files and work on them from any device.

What is unique is that every file you share has a comment system so you can share it and collaborate with others on it.

It was simple to set up and the CX directory on your computer can be moved to any folder and automatically syncs your files across devices.

It's a great, free, easy service to use, and the 10MB for a free account is great.

Check out CX and sync, share, collaborate and backup your files.


File backup, share, sync services - lots to choose from


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