Monday, April 2, 2012

Summary of new teacher tips, urban schools issues, technology resources

This past Saturday I spoke with the pre-service science teachers in Connecticut's Alternate Route to Certification program about new teacher tips, urban schools issues, and technology resources.

Here is the handout I gave them as we chatted.

ARC-A-Palooza 2012
David Andrade, M.S. Ed

New teacher stuff

  • ask for help
  • lots of resources online - lesson plans, classroom management, activities, new teacher help
  • remember what you have learned here
  • be organized!!!  (Evernote, Google Docs, Google Calendar)
  • take advantage of professional development opportunities and find some outside of district
  • join a professional society (NSTA, AAPT, etc)
  • use Projects in your classroom
  • Have a backup plan and be creative

Resources, Links and Articles to read:
Urban/low income schools
Student issues
not all students think school is importantno support at home (hmwk, etc)
no parents, too many kids, no parental involvementpoverty, drugs, violence (HS kids work to pay bills)
work part time jobs to help pay billsno ride to school
issues at home - absences, tardytake care of siblings
no computer/internet at homecultural beliefs are different
high turnover of students (pregnancy, crime, drugs)move a lot - change schools
English as Second LanguageReading comprehension

School Issues:
high teacher/admin turnover and burnoutlarge classes
limited funds and resourceshard to change things due to lack of resources
lots of new teacherslots of new initiatives to fix (don't work)

Things to do to help and support urban students:
give students time to do work in schoolmake  your classroom available after school
create a safe haven in your classroombe sensitive to issues they face
remember cultural/socio-economic issuesconnect learning to THEIR lives and experiences
look for grants (www.donorschoose.orgcreate a PLN for ideas and resources (see below)
connect with business, colleges, and other schoolsEnthusiasm is contagious! Engage & Excite them.
translation (Google translate)differentiate and individualize

What advice do you have for new teachers, teachers going to urban districts?


Great resources for New Teachers - advice, support, and training - resources, articles, links and more. One-stop-shopping for new teacher resources.


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