Saturday, May 19, 2012

Most Popular Posts on Ed Tech Guy for past week

The end of the school year quickly approaches as our seniors start their final exams on May 29th. My physics classes are working on their Rockets project. They are almost done with the construction of the model rockets, are doing the physics analysis and calculations and we will be launching them next week, weather permitting.

Today I will be spending the day at CPEP Day. This is the final competition for the after school, pre-engineering program that I advise at my school. Students from around Connecticut will be competing in a variety of project competitions that they have been working on all year. It's a fun day, with students showing their hard work from the year. CPEP is a great organization and something all states should have.

Here are the most read posts from the past week: And don't forget to check the posts on Friday.They don't always have time to become the most read, but there are usually some good ones there (and of course  check out all of the articles on the site). Peruse some of the older ones from last year also.

1. Google 80/20 Rule Applied to Education - for students too!

2. ChartTool - create nice charts with Image Charts from Google

4. Understanding Genetics-Human Health and the Genome - free resource from Stanford U

5. ScanURL - check any web address to make sure it's safe

6. GCFLearnFree - free online learning about lots of topics

7. Google Groups - connect, share, communicate, discuss - great for education

8. 5 Different Ways Technology Has Made Learning Easier

9. WhatWasThere - historical photos linked to Google Maps - visit the past!

10. EdCampCT is Aug 10, 2012 - registration now open - free, awesome PD

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