Monday, May 7, 2012

Pegby - free online notes, tasks, organizing, mindmapping, outlining and more

Pegby is an interesting site that lets you get materials and information organized online and even work with others on it.

You create Boards that allow you to work online, collaborating with others or just organizing things for yourself. Each Board can have columns to help you organize the Cards in each Board. The card is a kind of post it note that you title and add descriptions to. The Cards go in Columns on the Board. You can even Stack Cards on top of each other to organize them together. You can also Tag and Filter your Boards to make it easier to work with.

It's a great way to organize notes, tasks, and other information. It's also a great way to organize your thoughts (mindmapping) and you can use it to outline research and papers.

This is a very useful tool for educators and students to use.

Check it out and share it with your students and colleagues:


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