Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bloomin' Apps - Apps to Support Bloom's Taxonomy - updated!


I've written about the interactive app charts that Kathy Schrock has created that organized different iOS, Android, and Google and Web 2.0 apps based on the Bloom's Taxonomy level. They are a great way to find Apps based on what you are trying to have the students do.

She just updated them with a new diagram for Bloom's Taxonomy. The new diagram is interlocking gears instead of a pyramid. It also emphasizes Creating as the biggest thing we should be having students do.

This is a great resource for all teachers looking for some great apps to use with students.


Bloom's Taxonomy and Technology - great resources for teachers

Android Resources for Education - apps, how-to's, reviews, forums, and more.

Android Apps related to Bloom's Taxonomy

Google for Educators Resources


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