Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Two great teacher blogs showing uses of Evernote as teachers

I'm a power Evernote user and have documented a lot of ways to use Evernote in education over the years.

I recently found two blogs from educators that show how they use Evernote as teachers and offer some great ideas and tips for other educators.

Jordan Collier has a great blog with a whole section on Evernote. He is on #8 of 50 planned posts with different ways school administrators and educators can use Evernote to be more organized and more effective. There are some great ideas here.

The Not Another History Teacher blog, also has some great posts and tips for using Evernote in the classroom. Justin Stallings, another Evernote power user like me, is guest posting these articles.

Evernote is a great resource for education, and is free. If you haven't tried Evernote out yet, create a free account and read some of the posts on my blog and the two above for ideas on how to use it.

Evernote for Education Resources


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