Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Google announces updates to Translate App - great uses for Education

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Google has just announced an update to their Translate app that will prove very useful in education. Google Translate apps have been updated (Android and iOS) to do instant translations.

You can already use the camera mode to take a picture of text and get it translated. Now, you can do it instantly. Aim your camera at the text and the translation will instantaneously show up over the image, even without a data connection. This works for English to and from: German, Italian, Portuguese, French, Russian and Spanish with plans to add more languages soon.

This is great for ELL students who are trying to learn English and need some help, as well as helping out on trips. Students, and parents, could use this to translate signs at the schools, as well as text on posters and such.

Real time conversation translation has been available on Android for over a year, but it has just been updated to work faster and sound more natural. It supports two-way translations. This can assist students, as well as ELL parents, and teachers communicate easier. 

Both Android and iOS will get the updates over the next few days, with iOS finally getting the features Android has had for a while. 

I can't help be think of science fiction and universal translators when I see things like this. So cool. 


The Science Fiction of my youth has become reality



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