Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Some Expert Tips for Adopting Google Apps for Education

Growing Google Apps for Edu

Datto, a online data backup system that integrates and backs up your Google Accounts, collected some great tips and advice from some Google Apps experts, yours truly included, for a nice article and e-book for schools looking to/already adopting Google Apps for Education.

The ebook, “Growing Google Apps for Education: Adoption, training, and change management tips for your school’s implementation” is an easy to understand guide filled with advice from GAFE experts on everything you need to know to get your school up and running.

Here are a couple of the tips you can find in the book:

On setting the stage with your hesitant users:
“When we first began this journey, I spent a lot of time listening to people’s fears and questions. If I could alleviate them, I would. If I couldn’t, I was honest with them. Once I built that relationship, they trusted me to lead them in the right direction.” – Kate Fahey, Instructional Technology Specialist, Lockport Township High School East in greater Chicago. 
On getting the right folks involved from the start:
“We initially met with our technology advisory committee made up of teachers, administrators, and IT staff. I started putting information together explaining why we chose Google Apps for Education and the benefits to using it.” – David Andrade, MS Ed., Educational Technology Specialist and owner of EdTechGuy Consulting
There are a lot more resources and tips in the original blog post and in the eBook, which you can download below and get the insight you need for a successful GAFE implementation.


Google for Education Resources (including Google Apps and Chromebooks)



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