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20 Free Online Resources to Upgrade Your Studying Process

Guest Post by Julie Petersen. Julie is a tutor and a blogger, who features the latest career and educational trends in her articles. At present time she is working on her first ebook dedicated to online learning. You may see Julie's latest publications and contact her via Linkedin

All students would agree that it is difficult to study. When you just have too many assignments and projects to work on apart from the other responsibilities, you really need to develop good studying habits if you want to get good grades in class. Thanks to the Internet, there are free online resources that you can use to upgrade your studying process.

This website is a home to lots of free study skills resources not just students but as well as for teachers. It contains 100 practical articles, study tips and self-assessment exams.

Studygs.net is a home to various study guides and strategies that you can use in various types of learning. They provide valuable information that you can use for learning, research, writing, project management, etc. the site also has exercises and games to make your studying more fun.

This website gives you study tools that you can use to learn more effectively. At Quizlet.com, you get to access different tests, study games and flashcards which add fun to your learning experience. The site is free to use and you can access it on your mobile device anytime and anywhere.

Reading content related to students is also useful as you get to know many interesting facts and certain experiences that you can personally relate to. The student blog of Acca Global offers nice posts that you can read to further improve your studying and learning habits.

Essaymama.com is a reputable writing service which regularly publish really useful articles on their official educational blog. These articles are written by professional tutors and writers, so if you are looking for reliable and practical studying tips, infographics and essay samples, this is one site to visit.

Studyblue.com offers one of the biggest libraries of study materials online. The site has more than 350 million digital notecards covering various topics from Algebra to natural science subjects. Anywhere you go, you can access these online study materials. To get started, you can sign-up for a free account.

Howtostudy.org is basically a site where you can get lots of very useful online resources that can help you succeed in college. From study guides, strategies to writing techniques, the site gives tips and essential information that you can use to create topnotch papers and to ace your exams. The site provides various tools for organization, time management, learning styles, etc.

Studystack.com offers free flashcards for students who want to add fun to their studying and learning experience. To have access to these flashcards, you can just login with facebook or register an account. You can search the site for various subjects from mathematics to medical related subjects.

Practice is essential especially if you are taking a major exam. The Internet is home to various resources where you can take free practice exams. 4tests.com provides you with free online practice exams. Whether you are taking up TOEFL, ACT, SAT or GED, you can choose among the free practice exams that you can use to test your knowledge and skills and to see if you are finally ready to take the exam.

Learning has never been so fun and creative with Study.com. The site has various videos that can help students in their learning. These videos are taught by the best teachers to ensure that students get to access quality materials. To enjoy the complete features of the site, you sign up for a free trial.

If you are looking for free resources for students, professionals and for others who are taking up exams, this site is the one of the best sites to use. Study Guide Zone provides various resources and study guides that you can use in taking business tests, primary and secondary tests, undergraduate tests, etc.

Novel Guide is a great website where you can read summaries of various literary works. Apart from the sypnosis and analysis of these works, you also get to access interesting articles, reports, essays and even videos that you can use when you are studying a particular literary work.

Pink Monkey is a useful resource site for students, teachers and even professionals. The site has printable notes, digital library, study guides and other online materials. Pink Monkey also provides parents tips for parents who want to help their kids in school.

Taking a test requires preparation and practice. With Shmoop.com, you get to have a great site that offers solutions for schools. Apart from students, it is also a site for teachers. In this site, you get to access valuable materials for you to pass your exam with flying colors.

Hippocampus.org provides you with thousands of free videos. From subjects like mathematics to biology, you get to enjoy watching these videos where you get to learn so many things about a particular subject. This is a site perfect for free education resources for middle school and college students.

Are you looking for a great site where you can access free literature booknotes? Bookwolf.com offers a wide array of literature booknotes that you can use to have in-depth analysis of various literary works. You can just choose among the different literary works in their library.

GradeSaver is unlike no other resource site for students. The site offers topnotch study guides as they are written and edited by students from Harvard University. You can rely on these high quality study guides. Apart from that, there are also literature essays, writing help articles, lesson plans and a whole lot more.

To write without any error, you have to keep on practicing and honing your writing skills. When you access the site, there are various writing and grammar exercises and activities that you can use to work on your writing skills.

Being top of your class is now made more possible with the help of websites like Bookrags.com. Through this site, you can access more than 6,000 study guides, 22,000 essays and other useful materials not just for students but as well as teachers.

Project Gutenberg is home to about 46,000 ebooks that you can download for free. Whether you are looking for your favorite classical work to other literary work, you can just search the database of the site and download the book that you want to read. You can download the material in kindle, epub or txt format.


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