Tuesday, April 3, 2018

CK-12 Certified Educator Program is back! Great program from a great resource

CK-12 is one of my favorite resources for educators. They have digital, interactive textbooks, practice assessments, simulations, virtual labs, study aids, concept maps, adaptive practice and more, for almost every subject and grade level. And it's all free! And works on all platforms. 

They recently announced that they have brought back their CK-12 Certified Educator Program, which is also free. 

This program helps you learn how you can utilize CK-12 to help you personalize learning, engage students, assign work, and track progress. It also gives you a deeper understanding of all of the resources CK-12 has to offer and how you can customize the content to meet the needs of your students.

CK-12's Certified Educator Program will take place during July 2018, with a variety of live sessions offered multiple times a day between July 9 and July 20.

The live sessions will teach you about all of CK-12's resources to get you prepared for the upcoming school year. Register today and they will send you more information about the program in the coming weeks.

Take a look and see how CK-12 can help you help your students. 


More about CK-12 and their excellent resources



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