Monday, November 15, 2010

131 Tips for New Teachers

131 Tips for New Teachers is a great presentation compiled by Richard Byrne on his blog, Free Technology for Teachers (which I highly recommend). 

Richard asked his readers to submit tips for new teachers and then he compiled them into one presentation. Some of the tips included are:
- Communicate with Parents
- Have a Backup Plan
- Create an "absent box" where you place papers for absent students (with their name written on the top). Teach students to visit this box immediately upon return to class.
- Connect with your students, that's the most important thing. Get to know them.
- Ask if you need help.  Don't be shy.  We've all been there.  Most teachers are very helpful to new teachers...besides we want to learn from you too!

It is an excellent collection of tips for new teachers. The tips are very good for all teachers too!


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