Friday, December 2, 2011

Stanford Launching 14 Free Online Courses in January/February

Stanford University

Free online courses from universities seem to be a growing trend. I posted last school year about Einztein, a site that helps you find free online courses, and I just learned that Stanford University is offering 14 free online courses starting next month. (thanks to Open Culture for the info). Major universities, including Yale and MIT, offer online courses or course materials for free. These are great resources for students and educators.

Each of Stanford's 14 free online courses will include quizzes, discussion groups with instructors, video clips and feedback. The courses start in January and February and you can enroll now.

Here is a list of the 14 courses (from Open Culture's article):

Technology Entrepreneurship
Making Green Buildings
Information Theory
Design and Analysis of Algorithms I
The Lean Launchpad
Computer Science 101
Software Engineering for SaaS
Human Computer Intereaction
Natural Language Processing
Game Theory
Probabilistic Graphical Models
Machine Learning

If I wasn't already in my second Master's Degree program, I'd be tempted to take one of these, probably Computer Science 101. I haven't taken a CS class since college in 1988-1992 and that was Pascal and Basic. I've been teaching myself HTML and am self taught in a lot of areas of computers, but a formal course might be nice. 


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