Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CiteThisForMe - citation resource for APA and Harvard referencing

CiteThisForMe is a citation generator for APA and Harvard referencing citations. It's very easy to use. Simply select the type of reference (book, journal, newspaper, website, etc.) and then select type of citation format (APA, Harvard, etc.). Organize your citations on the side of the page, and then download them to Word.

Learning about copyright and citations is very important for students. They need to know that they must give credit to the original authors. This cite helps them correctly give that credit through proper citation formats.

Copyright and citation is one of the Tech Skills that Every Student Should Know.

More Citation Help Resources, including citation generator, how to cite, and what to cite.

Taking the Mystery out of Copyright - how, why and when to cite, and what the copyright rules are.


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