Monday, January 23, 2012

Essentials Bag for Students - what they need to have

What I think students should have in their school bag (high school and college) as essential materials.

1. Laptop or Tablet and charger - depends on student needs, school policies, etc.

2. Notetaking app - Evernote, Simplenote, etc.

3. Cloud file service - ok, not in bag, but a must have to backup and access files

4. Flash drive for backup

5. Smartphone and Charger. Apps: Evernote, Cloud file service, calculator, LMS app for their school, etc.

6. Pen and pencil and eraser

7. Notepad

8. 3-ring binder for paper notes and handouts

9. Mini stapler

10. Hole punch to put papers into binder

What would you include?


My Favorite Resources for Educators and Students

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