Monday, January 23, 2012

What's in your bag? What's in my educator bag - conferences, etc.

I’m a physics teacher, so I don’t need to carry much to and from school (I have everything in the cloud). 

I only carry my smart phone (Droid Incredible 2) with me. Everything else is synced through Dropbox between my home and school computers.

At school, if I am going to a meeting or training, I either use my smart phone or Google CR-48 Chromebook while in the building. The CR-48 battery lasts forever and it’s very light.

If I’m going out of the building to a conference or training, I do use a bag that will have the following things in it:

- HP TouchPad (in it’s case)
- Livescribe Pen and Pad  
- regular pen and a small pad/post it notes combo
- charger for my smart phone and TouchPad (although I’ve only needed the TouchPad charger for multi-day events). I also have an external battery for my phone that I sometimes bring.
- business cards
- water
- tissues
- chap stick

- If I’m presenting at a conference, I usually bring the Chromebook and my remote.

I always have my Swiss Army Flash knife on my key ring. It has a knife, screwdriver, pen, LED light, scissors, and a 4GB flash drive. Between this and my Droid I2 I rarely need anything else.

I have a simple bag I got from the school that I put everything in.

If mobile/traveling for training and conferences:

tablet or laptop and charger
CD/flash drive with apps and utilities
pad and pen
dry erase markers
remote control
VGA cable
post it notes
water, snack, gum, chapstick, tissues
smartphone cable/charger
Mimio - turns any whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard.

What do you have in your bag?

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