Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wolfram announces Wolfram Education Portal

Wolfram, the makers of Wolfram Alpha, the computational search engine, and Mathematica, announced yesterday the launch of the Wolfram Education Portal. The portal will have dynamic teaching and learning tools, organized by course, such as dynamic textbook, lesson plans, interactive demonstrations, widgets and more.

It is in Beta at this time, but anyone can sign up for a free account and access the materials.

Materials are available for Algebra and Calculus and Pre-Calculus are coming soon. Future features include forums, problem generators, web based apps, and personalized content. The problem generators will allow students to work on problems online and it will change the difficulty and type of question based on the previous answers.

The interactive textbook was developed in collaboration with the CK-12 Foundation which produces free K-12 materials and e-textbooks. I've used many of the CK-12 materials and they are very good.

The interactive textbook has Wolfram|Alpha widgets and links and interactive demonstrations from Mathematica.

This is a great resource for math teachers and any teacher or parent looking to help a student with math (or brush up on their own math skills).

Take a look: Wolfram Education Portal

Source: Wolfram Blog announcement of Wolfram Education


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