Tuesday, February 14, 2012

3 Ways to Fix U.S. Science Education

Popular Mechanics has an article about MythBuster Adam Savage's 3 Ways to Fix U.S. Science Education.

I agree with him that these 3 ways are needed in science education and can help students learn, and be more engaged. The 3 Ways are his, the explanations are mine. Read the article for his explanations.

"1. Let students get their hands dirty". Students have to explore in science with hands-on labs and activities. They can not truly learn science just from lectures, or videos. They have to experience it. Let them just explore things.

"2. Yes, spend more money on science." Students have to explore and experiment in science. They have to be hands on. To do that, they need equipment and supplies. We can't keep cutting budgets. 90% of what I have in my Physics classroom was funded by outside sources, such as Donors Choose. That's not the way it should be. Schools should be supplying the resources we need.

"3. Celebrate mistakes." I was an engineer for 10 years before becoming an educator. We rarely got a design "right" the first time. The design process takes lots of time and iterations. Same with science. So, we should let students make mistakes, learn from the mistakes, and then do it again.

Read more: MythBuster Adam Savage: 3 Ways to Fix U.S. Science Education - Popular Mechanics


Experiments and Exploration are vital to science education!


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