Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to Support others with Tech Help

How Can I Support My Tech-Challenged Loved Ones Without Going Insane?

Lifehacker, and excellent resource for, well, everything, has a great article entitled "How Can I Support My Tech-Challenged Loved Ones Without Going Insane?" that has tons of tips and resources for helping others with tech support issues. These tips and resources are great for educators and students too.

Some of the tips: Help and Support sites, Curriculum of tech support help, remote support, and more.

These resources can be used by educators to help other educators and students with tech issues, especially in these days of shrinking budgets and over worked IT and EdTech personnel.



Online Tech Tips - great tech help

Tech-Ease Tech Support Site

Teach Parents Tech - create tech support care packages

180 Technology Tips site

10 Tech Skills Every Student (and educator) Should Have


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