Friday, February 17, 2012

Clik - turn your smartphone into a remote control


Click is a very cool site that I'm just starting to play with. Click turns your smartphone into a remote control for any screen with a browser. 

It is very easy to use. You go to your desktop browser and it generates a unique QR code on the screen. Then, you open the Clik app on your iPhone or Android phone and aim the camera at the QR code on the screen and it will sync the app to the computer and off you go.  

Currently, it is limited to playing YouTube videos, but there are already plans to expand it into controlling other parts of your computer. It's also free. 

(if you need to control your entire desktop or laptop from your mobile device, try out Splashtop Remote.)

- Take control of any web-enabled screen with your smartphone.
- Stream any of the millions of videos on YouTube onto the screen, controlling the experience right from your smartphone. - You can play, pause, search, browse, create favorites, control the volume – it’s a true remote control. And it goes with you anywhere – so your favorite videos are only a touch away.
- Use multiplayer mode at your next party! Multiplayer mode lets you and your friends all Clik in at the same time, so that you can play and discover videos together
- Bring your videos with you everywhere you go - you're only a ‘Clik’ away from playing them for friends or family.
- Clik can use your WiFi OR your mobile data connection.
- No additional hardware is required!

You can download the iPhone and Android apps here.


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