Friday, February 17, 2012

Science and Cooking - great resources from Harvard


Science and Cooking is a collaborative program between Harvard scientists and some incredible chefs that I learned about on the Travel Channel last night.

Physicists at Harvard were research soft matter science and decided to create a course that combined science with cooking. Students learn concepts of science while cooking and coming up with some high-tech cooking resources (liked powdered olive oil and sausage flavored powder) that chef use in their restaurants.

The Science and Cooking class at Harvard is a general education course for Harvard undergraduates that is an overview of soft matter physics. Chefs demonstrate recipes that highlight each concept. Students conduct experiments with food and culinary science and present them at a fair at the end of the semester.

This is a great way to combine something everyone knows, cooking, with learning science. And, the students not only learn, but apply what they learn.

There is also a Public Lecture Series by world-class chefs and food experts that are related to the course, but not the content of the course. These lectures could be used by science and food teachers in their classroom as an excellent resource and a way to make science relevant to the students.
Archive of 2011 public lecture series 
Archive of 2010 and 2011 public lecture series (YouTube) 
Archive 2011 and 2010 public lecture series (iTunes)


Making School Relevant for Students

Science of Cooking - great resource to engage and excite students about science


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