Wednesday, April 11, 2012

6 free MindMapping Apps/Services for education

Mindmapping is a great way to organize thoughts, ideas, writing, projects, meetings and much more. Here are six free mindmapping apps and services that educators and students can use.

Slatebox - presentation, mind-mapping, and more -  Slatebox is a free tool that you can use to create presentations, mind maps, organize thoughts, and much more. You can create different slates (notes/items) and link and organize them.

Popplet - online presentation, mindmapping, and bulletin board -   Popplet is a unique combination of presentation tool, mindmapping, and online bulletin board. It is easy to use and a fun way to create.

free online mind mapping

MindMeister - online mind mapping and brain storming - Mindmeister is an online mind mapping and brain storming site that allows users to create and share mind maps


Spicynodes - visualize and organize information and resources -  Spicynodes is a visualization service that allows you to create nodes of information, links, text, photos, and other media and then link the nodes together in a way that makes sense. It can be used for mind maps, organizational charts, and even lesson plans. - online brainstorming for free - is a free, web application that allows you to brainstorm online. It is easy to use and you can use it to create mind maps, outlines of papers and projects, meeting notes, and much more.

Thoughtboxes - organize everything you do - great resource for education -  Thoughtboxes is a free site that allows you to get organized using boxes that act like sticky notes. You can create categories and then create "thoughtboxes" in each category.

Mindomo - brainstorming and mindmapping software - Mindomo is a brainstorming and mindmapping software that helps you organize thoughts, plan events and projects, and even explain concepts


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