Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bones, Stones, and Genes - the Origins of Modern Humans, - free education resource

The 2011 Holiday Lectures on Science

Bones, Stones, and Genes - the Origins of Modern Humans, is a new free resource from Biointeractive, a great site from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. It was one of the lectures from last year, but the DVD (free) is now available.

In Bones, Stones, and Genes, three leading researchers of human evolution reveal the fossil and genetic evidence chronicling the origin of humans. It is available as streaming videos (or downloads) and as a free DVD. It is divided into parts:

Lecture 1: Human Evolution and the Nature of Science by Tim D. White, Ph.D.
Lecture 2: Genetics of Human Origins and Adaptation by Sarah A. Tishkoff, Ph.D.
Lecture 3: Stone Tools and the Evolution of Human Behavior by John J. Shea, Ph.D.
Lecture 4: Hominid Paleobiology by Tim D. White, Ph.D.
Discussion: Genetics of Bitter Taste Perception
Discussion: Reporting Scientific Results to the Public

There are lectures, interactive features, videos, animations, student discussions, interviews and even Spanish subtitles for ELL.

The lectures and materials on Biointeractive are excellent and a great addition to any teacher's resources. 


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