Saturday, April 14, 2012

Most Read Posts on Ed Tech Guy for the Past Week

Vacation time! Woo hoo. Did you ever notice that vacations come right when you need them the most? We are on spring break for the next week. My wife and I are planning to take a day trip to New York City (only a 90 minute train ride away) and relax a bit. We are thinking about visiting the Bronx Zoo, American Museum of Natural History and Central Park, depending on the weather.

Here are the most read posts from the past week: And don't forget to check the posts on Friday's.They don't always have time to become the most read, but there are usually some good ones there.

1. Excellent Google Docs Resource for Educators

2. 6 free MindMapping Apps/Services for education

4. Infographic - What do High School Students want from mobile tech

5. Google Education on Air - free online EdTech Conference

6. Twiducate - free social networking for schools

7. 5 Great Smartphone Apps for the High School Science Classroom - Guest Post

8. QuickOffice - essential app for mobile devices

9. Android for Education Resource Page Added to blog

10. Evernote - tips for students to be more productive with it

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